About My Life

2016 Update: A lot has changed since I started this blog back in 2012. Tori started walking at about three and a half years and has improved greatly, she is seven years old and homeschooled. We still face daily struggles because of her disabilities but feel so blessed for the strides she has made towards independence.

We have also moved back to our home state of Texas.



My name is Stephanie and I live with my husband, Robert, and our daughter, Victoria, in California.

Our daughter was born November 19, 2008.  I was 25 weeks and 2 days pregnant when she was born at 1 pound 11 ounces and only 13.5 inches long.  She is three years old now and has come a long way but we still, daily, face the medical consequences of a child born that premature.  At this time she is suffering from developmental delays, sensory processing disorder and mild Ataxic Cerebral Palsy.  We are grateful for  the strides she has made, she is such a miracle!  She had multiple issues and surgeries while in the NICU for 4.5 months (too many to discuss on one page) and after the NICU she went on to have surgery on both ovaries, both eyes, brain surgery (cyst fenestration) and an adenoid removed.   Although she still does not walk (and we do not know when she will but therapists say she will), cannot stand independently for more than 30 seconds (pronation and poor balance), is cognitively delayed, has trouble stacking blocks (and other fine motor skills), eating issues and sees multiple therapists weekly and specialists monthly I try to see the little miracles everyday and remember that it could have actually been far, far worse.  I realize that there is always another child who is more sick or disabled than mine, I’m sure that is true for most people, but I have experienced much pain watching my child suffer just to breathe and now she is starting to understand that she is not like other kids as she attempts to keep up with them by scooting when they are running around on their perfect two legs and feet.  As a mother you always hurt when your children do, but still, I am trying to keep my focus on those little miracles and trusting Jesus Christ for increased faith and hope to make it joyfully and peacefully through the coming years.  I am certainly not perfect and some days it is hard to keep my focus on the good when I am in and out of doctor’s offices and therapy clinics, but I am trying!

I’m Stephanie and I’m on a path to healing!



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