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Parenting a child with special needs leaves you exhausted and an emotional wreck most days which isn’t conducive to living healthy and being motivated to stay fit. At least in my case. I’ve come a long way in my journey the last year and am motivated recently to eat healthier and try to get some exercise in. My first step was buying a Breville juicer from smile.amazon.com along with some Epica glass bottles so that I can juice for the whole day all at once. I’m going to leave links to the juice recipes I used below. So far I’m enjoying the flavors of the juices and have much more energy today than normal.

The juicer worked fantastic!juicer

The juicer came with this brush that cleans the basket very well, super useful! juicer-brush

I used a mix of baby chard, spinach and kale for greens as an addition to the Classic Carrott-Apple-Lemon and the Hangover recipe. veggiesfruit

From left to right: A New Orange Juice for BreakfastClassic Carrott-Apple-Lemon with a Kick and Hungover? This Juice Will Help  (I made this without the beet and I wasn’t hungover for the record, it just sounded good!) I downloaded these recipes from Reboot with Joejuice-bottles